Summer starts now!

Its finally here... no not summer (Look at the weather!) but Mamafit’s ☀️SUMMER SPECIAL☀️ is now open for bookings!

We have been working on our ‘summer special’ for a while now; we have taken feedback received from mums attending our classes, ran online questionnaires gaining further insight in to what you would like to see and combined the results with our expertise to pull together a comprehensive summer programme, in addition to our current timetable.

We have classes on offer to suit both pregnant women and mums of all fitness levels at all stages of motherhood from when you 1st find out your are expecting, all the way through the maternity period, up to and beyond that dreaded return to work!

Our ‘summer special’ programme will be used to see what works; successful classes will be developed and become permanent additions to our ever growing timetable. So if there’s a class you like the look of make sure you book in and tell your friends!

The ☀️SUMMER SPECIAL☀️ programme will run over 8 weeks in 2 x 4 week term blocks.

Term 1: June 24th - July 20th 2017

Term 2: August 1st - September 4th 2017

Classes that will be available:


We have taken the popular fitness class as seen on gym timetables up and down the country and given it a twist!

Mamafit® CIRCUITS is a station based exercise class utilising functional exercise equipment such as Kettlebells, ViPR and Medicine Balls.

All of the exercises have been designed with options with beginners, experienced exercisers and pregnant women, making them safe and effective for all new and expectant mums.

WHEN: Mondays 7:30pm and Wednesdays 11:15am

WHERE: Otterspool Park, L17 5AL


HOW MUCH: £20.00 (4 Week term)


Mamafit® HIIT

This is the one you have all been waiting for! We have been inundated with requests for HIIT style classes suitable for postnatal mums... well the wait is over!

🔥High Intensity Interval Training for mums is here!🔥

We will be trialling both indoor and outdoor 30 minute express classes helping you to burn fat, get fit and shape up fast!

WHEN & WHERE: Tuesdays 9:45am - Otterspool Park, L17 5AL (Outdoor) and Thursdays 8:00pm - ESLA, L19 5NY (Indoor)


HOW MUCH: £16.00 (4 Week term)

BOOK Mamafit® HIIT

Mamafit® GO - MUMS

The newest addition to our GO programme; GO - MUMS a ‘buggy and baby free’ running group for mums only.

Our 1st evening running class is designed for mums who prefer to run without buggy and those that may have now returned to work so can no longer attend daytime classes.

We have scheduled the class later in the evening so that you can put baby to bed 1st or leave the bedtime routine to your partner and spend some ‘ME’ time getting fit and socialising with other mums.

WHEN: Wednesdays 7:30pm

WHERE: Otterspool Park, L17 5AL


HOW MUCH: £16.00 (4 Week term)

BOOK Mamafit® GO - MUMS

Mamafit® GO - NEW times & NEW locations

Mamafit® GO mums running fitness classes are an established favourite with our mums having seen over 250 mums attend since launching last June!

Through our ‘summer special programme’ we are piloting GO classes at NEW times & NEW locations!


Tuesdays 1pm at Stanley Park, L4 2SL

Wednesdays 10am at Otterspool, L17 5AL

Saturdays 10am at Crosby Beach, L22 8PQ


HOW MUCH: £16.00 (4 Week term)

BOOK Mamafit® GO


We will also be offering an ‘ALL CLASS PASS’ providing you with the opportunity to attend ALL OF OUR ☀️SUMMER SPECIAL☀️ CLASSES!

The ‘ALL CLASS PASS’ will give you access to all the classes in our ‘summer special’ programme allowing you to try all of the classes at a massively reduced rate.

The ‘ALL CLASS PASS’ will cost £100.00 for 8 weeks giving you access to 8 classes per week! That is just over £1.50 per class!

The ‘ALL CLASS PASS’ is your all in one ticket to getting fit this summer!


I hope you are as excited about our ☀️SUMMER SPECIAL☀️ programme as I am!

As always please let me know if you have any questions or need any further information.

📧 info@diversehealthandfitness.com

I look forward to seeing you at Mamafit® soon.

Many Thanks

Rob 😃