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Mamafit® provides exercise options for pregnant women & mums in the shape of exercise & lifestyle courses and fitness classes; helping to keep you fit, active and healthy throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Mamafit® exercise & lifestyle courses cover a range of different topics including; healthy eating, pelvic floor strengthening and lifestyle tips as well as exercises specific to pregnancy and motherhood, while our fitness classes; Mamafit® ALL & Mamafit® GO are all about the exercises and getting you moving.

Course & classes available:

Mamafit® Pregnancy - 6 week exercise & lifestyle course

Mamafit® Mother & Baby - 4 week exercise & lifestyle course

Mamafit® Mother & Baby ’Drop In' - exercise class

Mamafit® ALL - Fitness programme for ALL pregnant women & mums

Mamafit® GO - Outdoor running fitness classes for mums & pregnant women

Mamafit® Personal - Personal Training for pregnant women & mums

Mamafit® is not your average exercise class! Mamafit® is specifically designed for women of all stages of pregnancy and for mums with children from as young as 6 weeks old.

We don't just tell you what exercises to do we help you understand why they are important, what areas you need to strengthen and how to perform the exercises correctly; ensuring that you have the skills, confidence and motivation to do the exercises at home. We even provide weekly handouts for you to follow around classes!

Mamafit® is not just about getting you active but also educating and inspiring you to make your health and wellbeing a priority during this exciting time of life and becoming a positive role model for your child.

Check out our current timetable here:


Mamafit® GO - 11am

Otterspool Park

Otterspool Drive


L17 5AL 



Mamafit® Pregnancy - 10am

Mamafit® Mother & Baby -11am

Dingle Lane Children's Centre

Matthew Arnold Primary School

L8 9UB


Mamafit® Pregnancy - 2pm

Mamafit® Mother & Baby -3pm

Frank Myler Pavilion

Liverpool Road





Mamafit® Pregnancy - 10am

Mamafit® Mother & Baby -11am

Kensington Children's Centre

Quorn Street


L7 2QR


Mamafit® Pregnancy - 2pm

Mamafit® Mother & Baby -3pm

Anfield Children’s Centre



L4 2QG



Mamafit® ALL

Enterprise South Liverpool Academy

Horrocks Avenue


L19 5NY



Mamafit® Pregnancy - 10am

Mamafit® Mother & Baby -11am

Walton Children's Centre

Cavendish Drive

L9 1NB


Mamafit® Pregnancy - 6pm

Mamafit® Mother & Baby -7pm

Liverpool Women's Hospital

Crown Street


L8 7SS

Courses & classes run term time only.

Course & class venues, days and times are subject to change.

Mamafit® exercise & lifestyle courses


Thanks to funding from NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Liverpool City Council Public Health and Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust, Mamafit® exercise & lifestyle courses are FREE for Liverpool residents at selected venues across the city.

Mamafit® ALL

6 week term costs - £30.00

6 x 1 hour classes

Mamafit® GO

6 week term costs - £20.00

6 x 1 hour classes

Mamafit® Personal

Personal Training packages start from £175.00

No, you must book all Mamafit® courses & classes in advance via our online booking site

We do have some Mother & Baby ‘drop in' sessions available which are designed to give you more flexibility so that you can just turn up on the day. However we always recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

When you attend a Mamafit® exercise & lifestyle course you will be provided with weekly handouts containing all the information and exercises we cover during each session; handouts will be provided in paper format and electronically via email. You will also gain access to the MAMAzone filled with videos & FREE downloads. - COMING SOON

Don't worry if you miss a class we recap everything at the start of each weekly session, you will also receive the handout via email to keep you motivated.

Yes; we actively encourage women suffering with pregnancy related conditions such as SPD, pelvic girdle pain, back pain and gestational diabetes to attend our courses. We are here to help; you will be amazed what a difference exercise and a healthy lifestyle can make in managing and Improving your condition. If your injury or illness is not pregnancy related or you have any concerns please contact us in advance of your course

You don't need to go out and buy a new wardrobe; wear clothes that you feel comfortable exercising and moving around in. Thinking about today's hectic lifestyles and the time demands of being a mum, all of our exercises are designed to be quick, simple and effective workouts that you can do at home when you are short of time with the minimum of fuss.

Please bring along some water and any medication you may need to use around exercise e.g. Inhaler.

Mamafit® Pregnancy is 'antenatal care' as such you are entitled to take paid time off work to attend. Please see link for more information on pregnant employee rights:

We are able to provide a letter for your employer if you require.

If you do not want to take time off work to attend a course but still want help, advice and support around exercising during pregnancy and as a new mum please check out our Mamafit® Personal packages or book Mamafit® ALL which takes place in the evening.

As soon as possible! Mamafit® Pregnancy is designed to be suitable for women of all stages of pregnancy throughout all trimesters. The exercises and advice we provide are adaptable for all fitness levels, abilities and circumstances. The earlier into your pregnancy your can attend the better, but don't panic if your due date is not far away we have plenty of women attending courses at 30+ weeks!

Mamafit® is designed to cater for all fitness levels; beginner, intermediate & advanced. If you are new to exercise or it has been a while since you last exercised we always recommend attending a Mamafit® course first to learn the exercises and gain the background knowledge.

If you are a regular or experienced exerciser, you might find more benefit attending Mamafit® ALL, Mamafit® GO or checking out our Personal Packages.

Yes you are more than welcome to bring your baby along to Mother & Baby, Mamafit® ALL and Mamafit® GO.

Bringing your baby along is a great way to see that you can exercise alongside being a mum.

The babies can get involved in some exercises or rest in pushchairs, car seats or on the mats while mum is working up a sweat!

If you are bringing you your baby/child to Mamafit® GO they must remain in the pushchair/travel system at all times while moving. It is recommended that babies under 4 months old or who cannot hold their own head are in a travel system/pushchair with appropriate head support.

*Please note Mamafit® Pregnancy is for pregnant women only.

It is advisable to wait 6 weeks after birth, 10 weeks after a Caesarean, before recommencing structured exercise. It is always best to check with your healthcare provider during your postnatal check up to ensure you are ok to start exercising.

6 weeks may seem like a long time to some but it will take time to adjust to motherhood and your new baby. Remember it doesn't mean you have to sit still for 6 weeks; try to include physically activity in your daily routine such as walking to the shops or socialising with friends in the park. You can also start thinking about your posture and recommencing pelvic floor exercises.

You can attend Mamafit® Mother & Baby until your child is 1 year old.

Mamafit® ALL & Mamafit® GO are suitable for for ALL mums!

Yes we are a breastfeeding friendly organisation; you are welcome to feed your baby at any point during classes. All venues offer breakout areas if you prefer to breastfeed in private.

Don't panic, it happens all the time! Your baby will not be the first or last baby that cries, needs changing, feeding or your attention during a class. Your baby's welfare should always be a priority, feel free to stop at any point to attend to your baby, we will not take offence and all the other mums are use to crying babies!

If you have any other questions please get in contact

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