Express HIIT 30 minute sessions

30 minute intense training sessions perfect for hectic lifestyles!

If you are short of time but want to maximise your efforts express training is for you; using popular high intensity interval training (HIIT) methods we will get you burning fat and feeling fitter than ever!

Our Express Personal Training package includes:

  • Online consultation
  • 10 x 30 minute HIIT training sessions
  • Personalised home training programme allowing you to fit in exercise when & where you can
  • Diet analysis and advice
  • Bespoke support tailored to your needs

Cost: £200

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"I absolutely love training with Diverse Health and Fitness. My overall mental and physical wellbeing has improved hugely over the last 3 years."

"I have maintained my weight loss and my fitness levels have improved."

"He's great at motivating and encouraging and has changed my outlook on training!"

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