Kettlebells – ViPR – TRX


Kettlebells are our favourite; we love training with Kettlebells!

Kettlebell training is fun, enjoyable and helps you get results quickly!

Whether you are an athlete looking to improve sporting performance, a regular exerciser keen to learn a new skill or complete beginner looking to get fit and lose weight; Kettlebell training is for you!

Kettlebell training is not just great for getting fit but will also give you a great sense of satisfaction as you learn new exercises and master a new skill!

Benefits of of regular Kettlebell Training include:

• Increased cardiovascular fitness
• Improved muscular endurance
• Decrease in body fat
• Increase in strength and power
• Boost sporting performance

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ViPR - pronounced viper - stands for Vitality. Performance. Reconditioning.

A ViPR is a 1 metre long rubber tube with handles that can be lifted, shifted, swung, flipped, carried or dragged and is a lot of fun!

It can be used for whole body training helping you burn calories, get fit, feel strong and lose weight!

There are literally thousands of ViPR exercises & movements meaning you won't get bored and can train with ViPR whatever your goal; whether you are trying to lose weight, get fit for sport, improve muscle tone, stay healthy during pregnancy or get in shape after having a baby ViPR training is for you!

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TRX - Suspension Training

TRX (Total Resistance eXercise) is a suspension training system developed by a former US Navy SEAL.

Using straps to maximise body weight exercises, TRX training will help you get better results from your efforts by combining strength & cardiovascular exercises.

Suspension training is quick, fun and adaptable making it suitable for beginners, advanced exercisers and everyone in between!

Exercising with TRX can help you:

• Increase muscle
• Get stronger
• Burn calories & lose weight
• Improve flexibility
• Strengthen your abdominals and other core muscles

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