Why choose us?

When you are looking for a Personal Trainer it is important to choose the right Trainer to suit your needs, goals and personality.



By hiring a Diverse Health & Fitness Personal Trainer you are guaranteeing results; our personal trainers are experts in Health, Fitness and Nutrition. Once you put your faith in us we will go above and beyond the call of duty to get you the results you want; it's our job!


Everyone loves being rewarded and this comes in abundance when you train with us, your progress is regularly monitored and all achievements are praised as you meet short term goals to give you all the support and inspiration you need to keep you progressing towards your long term goal.


Time is precious, modern day lifestyles are often hectic & time consuming with work, family pressures not forgetting some precious ME time. Training with us can save you time by using time saving effective workouts; ensuring you get maximum return from you efforts, speeding up the time it takes to reach your goal. We also have Express HIIT 30 minute sessions available to book!


All Diverse Health & Fitness training packages include the sharing of knowledge; when you train with us we will guide you through your fitness journey with expert advice and realistic hints and tips that you can put into practice in your day to day routine. Helping you take control of your lifestyle, learn new exercises, understand how to perform popular exercises correctly, find out why they are beneficial and how making changes will allow you to achieve your goal.

Value for Money

Getting value for money is usually the biggest stumbling block when it comes to hiring a personal trainer; by choosing to train with us you are getting excellent value for money! Our packages are not just about the hour you spend with your trainer but the support, guidance and programmes for you to follow around your personal training sessions.

Compare it with expensive gym memberships where you get little or no support; where you may not attend for months but are tied in months or even years, buying fad home exercise equipment or celebrity DVD's that barely gets used before being put to the back of the cupboard or being used as a clothes rack or a door stop.

The biggest reason why people stop going to the gym or using this equipment is lack of results, something that is guaranteed by training with us.

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"I absolutely love training with Diverse Health and Fitness. My overall mental and physical wellbeing has improved hugely over the last 3 years."

"I have maintained my weight loss and my fitness levels have improved."

"He's great at motivating and encouraging and has changed my outlook on training!"

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