Small Group Personal Training

With prices from only £10 per person small group training is a cost effective way to get fit!

Small group personal training for 2-4 people; perfect if you want to train with your partner, a group of friends or family members.

Training as a group is lots of fun; laugh and smile your way through challenging training sessions designed to work you hard and get you the results you desire!

Examples of groups we work with:

  • Bride & Groom
  • Bride & Bridesmaids
  • Groom & Groomsmen
  • Husband & Wife
  • Mums & babies
  • Friends training together for an event e.g. Tough Mudder, Survival of the Fittest, Half Marathon etc.
  • Friends wanting to get fit or lose weight together
  • Sisters
  • Brothers
  • Mum & daughter
  • Dad & son
  • The list is endless...

Small Group Personal Training package:

10 x 1 hour Personal Training sessions
2 people: £350 - £175 per person
3 people: £390 - £130 per person
4 people: £400 - £100 per person
The more people in your group the cheaper the cost!

If you have a larger group please get in contact and we will work out a package just for you!

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"I absolutely love training with Diverse Health and Fitness. My overall mental and physical wellbeing has improved hugely over the last 3 years."

"I have maintained my weight loss and my fitness levels have improved."

"He's great at motivating and encouraging and has changed my outlook on training!"

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