Medical Referral

If you have been advised by your GP or medical practitioner that you should begin an exercise regime then Diverse Health & Fitness is here to help.

We aim to improve your health, expand your knowledge and help you manage your condition more effectively, improving your quality of life.

We cover a variety of conditions including:

• Obesity
• High Blood Pressure
• High Cholesterol
• Diabetes
• Arthritis
• Osteoporosis
• Asthma
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Plus many more...

Using exercise as a form of treatment to relive symptoms can work wonders improving your sense of wellbeing and dramatically changing your lifestyle allowing you do things you never thought possible.

Advantages of exercising with medical conditions

• Feel better about yourself
• Improved mood and self esteem
• Complete daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning and shopping without worrying about your condition
• Avoid taking unnecessary days off work through sickness
• Reduce visits to your GP and trips to the hospital
• Stop your condition getting progressively worse
• Feel fit & healthy
• Sleep better
• Learn to relax
• Enjoy life

If you want to feel these benefits and many more don't hesitate, take action today, you can't put a price on your health!

Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation

If you have suffered a sporting injury or are recovering from a broken bone, sprain, strain or muscle injury then we can help put you back on the road to recovery.

Working together using postural analysis and a range corrective techniques, we can eradicate those aches and pains, new or old, that have been holding you back and help you bring those sporting goals one step closer.

Covering all types of injury including back pain, reoccurring shoulder pain and knee problems, we can guide you through your recovery, helping you bounce back from injury stronger and fitter than you were before.

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"I absolutely love training with Diverse Health and Fitness. My overall mental and physical wellbeing has improved hugely over the last 3 years."

"I have maintained my weight loss and my fitness levels have improved."

"He's great at motivating and encouraging and has changed my outlook on training!"

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