mamafit® Mother & Baby Course

FREE 4 week exercise & lifestyle course for Mother & Baby

4 x 1 hour classes

Mamafit® Mother & Baby is a 4 week exercise and lifestyle course for mums with children 6 weeks to 1 year old. 1 hour per week, taking place at Liverpool Women’s Hospital and Children’s Centres across Liverpool.


The course covers various topics to support mums to be active and healthy including:


  • Healthy eating advice
  • Simple exercises that you can follow at home
  • Help to understand body changes
  • Relaxation tips
  • Total body workouts; including exercises to strengthen stomach and lower back, helping to get mums in shape safely after having a baby.

Why do Mamafit® Mother & Baby

Many new mums find it difficult to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle after giving birth; we are here to help!

We will provide practical advice about healthy eating and demonstrate exercises that are safe and beneficial, taking into consideration the time restraints and challenges of being a parent.

Exercising after birth is not only great for your physical health but also your mental health, it's a great way to relax, unwind and take some much needed time out!


Did you know…

Babies (6 weeks - 1 year old) are welcome to attend Mamafit® Mother & Baby with mums.

Mamafit® Liverpool is funded and fully supported by Healthy Liverpool – Liverpool CCG, Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool City Council Public Health and Liverpool Children’s Centres

Mamafit® Mother & Baby is FREE for mums with children under 1 year old living or receiving care in Liverpool.

Week 1

  • Course introduction
  • Health & safety for Mother and Baby
  • Body changes
  • Posture & Mobility

Week 2

  • Pelvic floor
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • Healthy eating & diet

Week 3

  • Stomach & lower back exercises
  • Stretching
  • Relaxation

Week 4

  • Course recap
  • Total body workout
  • Next steps


Kensington Children's Centre, L7 | Dingle Lane Children's Centre, L8 | Walton Children's Centre, L9 | Anfield Children's Centre, L4 | Frank Myler Pavilion, WA8 | Liverpool Women's Hospital, L8

Mamafit® reviews

"This course has been really beneficial in making me feel stronger & more positive about my fitness levels."

"A lovely course, not too strenuous, just set at the right level."

"Really good way of showing pregnant women how to exercise during pregnancy"

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