mamafit® Franchise

Mamafit®   is now available as part of a franchise agreement, if you think you have what it takes to make Mamafit a success in your area we want to hear from you!

Since launching in 2011 Mamafit® has gone from strength to strength as such we are looking to roll out Mamafit across the UK helping even more pregnant women & new mums get active, healthy and feeling great!

Who can franchise Mamafit®

Fitness professionals, midwives, entrepreneurs, working mums, anyone!

As long as you have the right skill set and are prepared to work hard to reap the rewards then Mamafit® franchise is for you!

We are looking for hard working, driven, enthusiastic people to help take Mamafit forward.

You will need to be positive in your approach with great communication skills and demonstrate a determination to succeed.

A passion for health & fitness is a must.

Next steps

If you like what you’ve read, think you have what it takes to run a successful Mamafit® franchise and would like to know more about franchising opportunities complete the contact form on the right or call Rob on 07866160659

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