Mamafit® Champions: Lynda’s story

Hi, I am Lynda mum to Jack who turned 2 in June, I began my Mamafit journey 2 years ago, signing up for Mamafit GO buggy running classes. 

My story

I had moved back to my home town of Liverpool following the breakdown of my marriage. It was an extremely emotional time filled with the most precious unconditional love for my new little boy, but often overshadowed by the challenges and negative emotions that came with the marriage breakdown, which was especially difficult at a time you imagine being filled with such joy as a new family of three.

I had incredible support from family and friends; filling our time with lots of baby groups, however, I knew that to be the best mum I could be and to give Jack the best start in life I needed to invest in my own wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Together with counselling, I chose Mamafit to help with this journey.

Getting back into exercise

Getting back into exercise was quite challenging. Rob, the Trainer, was really friendly and made the classes fun and adaptable; helping to build my confidence by allowing me to work at my own pace, even stopping to attend to baby's needs without feeling disruptive but encouraging us and helping us to improve each week.


As well as the sense of achievement from attending classes and getting fitter, what stands alongside all the physical and mental benefits of exercising are the friendships I have made along the way.

That coffee with fellow mums after classes played such an important part in our journey; the reassurance, sharing advice, general conversations, has definitely led into lasting friendships, not only for ourselves but watching the babies growing up together is simply heart-warming.

Since 1st joining Mamafit GO in October 2016 we have continued with classes attending GO+, Circuits and HIIT; I now see Mamafit as part of mine & Jack’s weekly schedule.

I really value the inclusive concept of Mamafit; as a single parent it was great to meet other other mums, have adult conversations and feel like myself again!

Classes work for mums in all situations; whether your are a single parent or your partner works away or long hours, its great way to meet other people, get fit and have fun.

Not only has Mamafit helped me to get to a place where I am much stronger physically, mentally; gaining invaluable friendship and support, I have also watched Jacks’ journey as he grows and develops.

Jacks Journey

Jack is now a 2 year old toddler who loves running everywhere, enjoys being outside and exercising with mummy; I do sometimes have to modify my exercises to involve Jack, but that makes it all the more enjoyable!

I love watching him join in with the warm ups, mirroring Rob's actions and seeing the joy and pride in his face.

Last Christmas, we joined other mums, dads & buggies to take part in the Liverpool Santa Dash with Mamafit, which was really good fun; Jack loved dressing up as Santa and was so happy to get his 1st ever running medal!

I can no longer walk to the shops with Jack in the pram without him telling me to 'RUN'!!!

Our journey has been, and continues to be, incredible and so rewarding; I would recommend Mamafit to anyone looking to improve their health, fitness & wellbeing after having a baby!

Lynda & Jack