Dark days are over

You survived!

January and February are two of the most challenging months of the year...

Overspending and over eating at Christmas can leave your wallet feeling thinner than your waistline, eating and drinking to excess leaves you feeling less than healthy! Back to work to be greeted by dark mornings, dark evenings and cold, wet weather the early part of the year can be tough but DARK DAYS ARE OVER!

Over the last week or so you may have noticed the mornings getting lighter and the evenings staying brighter for longer; Spring is certainly on its way!

Liverpool sunrise

Liverpool sunrise

With the improvement in weather and the brightening of the skies comes renewed optimism!

Motivation swings from losing the 'Christmas weight' and completing 'Dry January' to thinking about booking your summer holiday and getting beach ready!

I have seen an increase in Mamafit bookings and Personal Training enquires as people look to turn their intentions into actions; classes are getting busier, more personal training bookings are coming in and I am seeing more and more people out walking, running or cycling during my early morning run.

Park bike ride

Morning bike ride

It's great to see so many people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels making changes to become more healthy; often it's the smallest steps that are the biggest:

That decision to book a class, hire a personal trainer, start walking everyday or stop eating cake and drinking so much alcohol can often be the start of bigger changes.

One step at a time is the best way to make changes, I often talk about adopting a healthy lifestyle during Mamafit classes; here's an example of how one small change, booking a class, can lead to other changes encompassing a larger lifestyle change:

  1. Book a Mamafit class
  2. Feel motivated because you have attended and made a start
  3. You do some exercise during the class which makes you feel good
  4. Feel more encouraged to eat healthily as you have started exercising
  5. You are exercising and eating healthily helping you feel more energised and inspired to do more exercise and continue eating healthy
  6. Feel improvements in physical and mental health leading to a sustainable lifestyle change

So... all because you started with a small step, in this case booking a class, you have made a huge lifestyle change and improved your health.


Break it down into small manageable chunks, take one step at at time, enjoy the change and have fun!

Having a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you have to 'go on a diet' or push yourself through unenjoyable activities that are boring or painful; eat a varied diet, include fruit & veg, plenty of natural ingredients, drink water regularly, find an activity you enjoy and do it on a regular basis. You will be amazed at the impact small changes can make on your health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Health Living Circle

Healthy living circle

Stages of change

During a behavioural change such as adopting a healthy lifestyle you often go through 5 stages of change:


Unaware of the problem or think everything is ok as it is; why do I need to change?


Acknowledge that changes may be needed; maybe I should make changes?


Intend to make changes, research options on how to action changes; how will I make changes? What do I need to do to make changes?


Start actioning desired changes; begin exercising or start eating healthier.


Continue with new behaviours e.g. exercising and eating healthier for a a prolonged period of time.

Yes you will suffer setbacks and relapses along the way but the key is to keep moving forward and improving with small consistent efforts.

Stages of change

Do these stages sound familiar? Which stage are you at, at the moment?

Good news if you are reading this you are already considering making a change whether you know it or not!

That's all for this time, thanks for reading!

If you would like to book a Personal Training Package or a Mamafit class please get in contact!

Rob Lunn



Diverse Health & Fitness